Mr Porter takes over StudioHomme’s client base

The former clients and subscribers of the French online retail site are now part of Mr Porter’s client base. They made the discovery this week via an email sent out in French from Mr Porter, which named StudioHomme as an intermediary. “StudioHomme has chosen Mr Porter to look after the future style of its clients” can today be read on StudioHomme’s homepage, or rather the website to which internet-users are re-directed, a sign that the domain name is now property of the British online retail giant. Net-A-Porter’s little brother (part of the Richemont group) doesn’t yet have a full French version of its website and its shopping and editorial content is still very much aimed at a high-end, globe-trotting client…but could he be French? Nothing is less certain.

The French website dropped out of sight at the end of the spring when it was put into administration. In its three years, StudioHomme sought out exclusive partnerships and a niche client base, not without a head-start over Mr Porter, but by other means.

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