Burberry goes on a Christmas street-marketing rampage

British label Burberry has decided to celebrate the holiday season in style by sending its Festival Van out onto the streets of London. The ‘Van’ is actually an old-fashioned car in the brand’s signature colour, topped with a pile a perfectly-wrapped presents on the roof.

the Burberry van is driving around the streets of London
The Festival Van is heading around London in an attempt to get social media networks abuzz with Burberry this Christmas. The brand is hoping Christmas shoppers will snap pictures of the van as it passes in the street. The whole feat is part of the brands mission to bring a more youthful image to the brand. Previous attempts have come in the form of viral videos, runway shows broadcast in 3D and a slew of campaigns featuring it-models popular with younger audiences.

The first half of the year saw an increase of 6% in sales, with the label making 882.5 million pounds with operational profit up 7% before tax. For the second half, Burberry is expecting an increase of sales of 14% and for wholesale sales to remain constant.

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