Aetrex launches new 'Albert' 3D foot scanner in market

Aetrex, a global comfort and wellness footwear company, launched Albert, the most high-tech 3D foot scanner in market, at FN Platform in Las Vegas.
Albert is the result of over two years of research and development. The technology captures foot data by utilizing 5,000 gold-plated sensors, over 900 infrared LEDs and receptors, and 18 digital cameras all embedded into one plate.

The new Albert 3D foot scanner by Aetrex - Aetrex
While in store, customers receive a thorough 3D digital analysis of their foot, which provides an accurate read in size, pressure and arch type. Albert is the first device to capture so much data and information about one’s feet.
“We are excited to introduce Albert and show how this new technology will have impactful results, improving the comfort and health of consumers,” said Aetrex CEO Larry Schwartz. “While the majority of the footwear industry is hyper-focused on creating online retail experiences, we are focused on bringing consumers back into stores, adding unique value in the form of Albert, and then providing them with an engaging retail experience for their customers.”
Aetrex has sold over 15 million insole pairs to-date. The New Jersey-based company also developed iStep, which is designed to accurately measure feet and determine foot type and pressure points. Albert and other Aetrex technology encourage consumers to wear custom selected orthotics for their specific foot care needs.
Albert will integrate with two of Aetrex’s websites and will be the educational component of the Albert software and will allow consumers to retrieve and relive their Albert 3D foot scan.

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