Athleta rethinks plus-size marketing mishap

Athleta—the fitness wear brand owned by The Gap Inc.—is under fire for featuring its plus-size activewear on regular-sized models.
Athleta under fire for using slim models to showcase its plus-size line. - Athleta

While the line of T-shirts, jackets, leggings and sports bras boats sizes that go up to a 2X, it was reported that the ad for the plus-size line showcased a model wearing a size medium—a move that defies the purpose of Athleta’s #PowerofShe campaign that promoted positive body image for women of all shapes and sizes.

Athleta isn’t the only company that received a slap on the wrist for showcasing an unrealistic portrayal of what a full-figured body actually looks like. Back in March, Zara confused consumers with its “Love Your Curves” campaign which showcased trim models sporting skinny jeans. A single tweet from a radio personality in Dublin, Ireland went viral, sparking a global out lash against the brand.

While nobody from Zara reportedly responded to any media inquiries on the issue, a spokeswoman for Athleta said the company recognizes its mishap and they are still committed to what their #PowerofShe campaign stands for—”celebrating women of all body shapes, sizes and ethnicities.”

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