Bestseller gives Noisy May its independence

After fours years of operation, Noisy May is fleeing the nest. Launched in 2013 by the Bestseller group, and under the management of Vero Moda, the womenswear brand appears to have passed its first testing phase. The Danish group announced that starting in March, Noisy May will operate independently.

A still from #NoisyMayInfluenced, a co-creation project between bloggers from Germany, The Netherlands and the UK - Noisy May

The streetwear brand with a flare for denim was initially positioned as a complement to the more feminine Vero Moda range. However, Noisy May found its own voice with "millennials", thanks to its accessible price point, which has now allowed it to claim its independence.

In fact, the brand now has its own autonomous team, which will manage multi-brand customers online, without passing through its "mother" brand. However, the ties have not been completely severed. Noisy May will still be primarily distributed in Vero Moda stores.

But thanks to the new set up, the brand can now pursue its growth under a name while it expands its product line.

Noisy May will soon get its first trial run at flying solo at an upcoming Paris pop-up, which Citadium will host from March 27 until April 17.

Translated by Benjamin Fitzgerald

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