British designer Kit Neale tapped for Ikea collection

London-born fashion designer Kit Neale has created a bold collection of home accessories, camping essentials and apparel for Ikea. Based on different artworks and loosely interpreted music styles, the Spridd collection targets today’s young nomads.

The print-based collection launches this February in Ikea stores - Photo: Ikea

The collaboration is part of a series of fashion partnerships Ikea plans to carry out in the future, Ikea said in a press release.

Kit Neale’s collection reflects his own passion for prints, having launched a namesake brand in 2012 with collections characterised by daring patterns and vibrant prints. T-shirts, beanbags, thermo mugs, cushions, duffel bags and rugs feature 60s pop art and 90’s fashion influences across four underlying themes.

“Kit Neale’s designs and prints are all about youthful energy, attitude and fun. It’s been an exciting process, and we’re super happy with the outcome,” said Ikea creative leader Henrik Most.

Designer Kit Neal based the collection on four artworks, which are inspired by loosely interpreted music styles - Photo: Ikea

“Spridd is very ‘festival-y’ with the tents, duffel bags and flasks, and then there are the boxes for moving away to college or wherever. You can just pick them up and chuck them in the car, on the bus, the train or the plane. This is a collection to be moved,” added Neale.

“It’s inspired by youth culture and by what it means to be young. Youth is a chaotic period in people’s lives, and maybe the most important. It sets us up for life.”

The limited edition print-based collection launches next month.

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