Brunello Cucinelli acquires Avenza in move to tailoring

Italian cashmere specialist Brunello Cucinelli has signed a deal to acquire Avenza Fashion, a company which specializes in male tailoring and has 56 employees. The deal – which is valued at 3.5 million euros – is due to be finalised at the start of 2014 and does not include the sale of the Avenza brand. Brunello Cucinelli intends to take over the company’s ateliers which are located in Avenza near to Carrara in Tuscany.
Brunello Cucinelli

The group is looking to expand its offering to include a more couture, made-to-measure service for men, the company said in a press release.

Alongside the acquisition, entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli – who takes inspiration from humanist philosophers – has announced the opening of a ‘School of Crafts’ in the market town of Solomeo. The building itself has been completely renovated and now houses the company’s head office.

The school’s objective is to teach the theory and practice of two of the oldest and virtuous craft techniques in the knitwork sector: darning and the art of mending.

The market town of Solomeo

Classes will be held between October and June and students who attend the school will receive a grant to help fund their education.

“We think that ancient crafts too can provide a dignified future and new prospects for today's youth. Giving back to man and work the dignity they deserve has always been my dream. The school is meant to be a vivid and concrete experience in which learning a craft occurs in an environment imbued with humanistic values,” said Brunello Cucinelli.

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