Cara Delevingne creates #DoYou video series with Puma

Cara Delevingne’s latest project with Puma shows the model traveling the world to meet women refugees, poets and more. The documentary series is meant to highlight stories of female empowerment.

Instagram: Cara Delevingne
In Puma’s new video series called #DoYouStories, the British supermodel travels to countries such as Uganda and Canada, where she meets young women refugees, martial arts instructors and poets. Each video installment is around five minutes long and highlights the way young women are empowering those around them.
The documentary series showcases organizations such as Get Lit, a Los Angeles-based program which uses poetry to promote literacy among low-income youth. Another episode meets instructors from Toronto-based organization Martial Smarts, which builds confidence in women through self-defense courses.
The series began when Delevingne traveled to Uganda with the United Nations’ Girls Up to meet with refugees. In the video the model says the experience inspired her to create the series with Puma, so young women could have a space to share their stories. “This is one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had in my life,” Delevingne said in a statement.
Delevingne joined Puma as a brand ambassador in September of 2016, where she appeared in the brand’s print installment of its “Do You” campaign. Puma released its #DoYouStories video series on YouTube on Monday.  


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