Compressport raises €5 million in capital and sets up French subsidiary

Compression stockings and apparel for athletes have the wind in their sails. Swiss company Compressport, a specialist in the segment, has recently carried out a funding round worth €5 million via French private equity firm Calcium Capital.

Compressport has partnered with events such as the Ironman triathlon and the UltraMontBlanc summit trail-running race - DR

Compressport was created in 2008, and its annual revenue is in excess of €10 million. It offers amateur and professional athletes a range of sports apparel built on the principle of circulatory and muscular compression, for improved warm-up and recovery. The market for compression apparel is booming.

"The extra capital will give the company additional resources with which to accelerate its expansion plan, notably by broadening the product range, by allowing a more close-knit relationship with its distributors and by opening up new geographical areas," said Compressport in a press release. 

The brand is currently distributed in 80 countries and has now decided to operate directly in France, by opening a subsidiary in Annecy, whose sales and marketing staff comes from its former local distributor, Sigmax Europe. This year the declared objective is to increase revenue by 30%.

"We want to consolidate our success, the relationship with our 88 existing online and offline distributors, our business model, our partnership with the Ironman Triathlon, the UltraMontBlanc summit trail-running race and with our professional teams, as well as boosting our know-how in science, design, manufacturing and marketing," said Sylvain Laur, Compressport's founder.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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