Consumers can make like Madonna and magnetise beauty regimes this fall

After three years of retailing in Japan, Madonna's skincare range is finally launching in the US this September, meaning stateside beauty fans can at last get their hands on her famous magnetic mask, among other products.

The launch will clearly focus attention on the sector, which could also benefit similar products from other brands.

So what does the new launch comprise? Chrome Clay Mask, MDNA Skin is created using fango clay from Italy's thermal spa town of Montecatini. It includes a a serum, a face wash, rose mist and eye mask, but the star product is undoubtedly the 'Chrome Clay Mask', which features a magnetic coating that allows the mask -- and the impurities in the skin -- to be lifted off via magnetic force, using a metal head called the 'Skin Rejuvenator'.

According to the brand, the process allows dirt to be removed from the complexion without touching it, and encourages a healthy cell turnover thanks to the magnetic cell stimulation. Madonna herself is a big fan of the product, and took to Instagram earlier this month to film herself sporting the muddy mask. The Chrome Clay Mask will be available from and from September 26.

A rival product is Younger Revealing Mask Intense from Lancer. Kim Kardashian's dermatologist Dr Harold Lancer was one of the first to kickstart the magnetic mask trend, with the launch of his 'Younger Revealing Mask Intense' last fall. The mask contains a retinoid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as an iron-rich mineral powder that allows the mask to be removed with an accompanying tool which creates a small electromagnetic current. While the mask is removed, the beneficial ingredients are left to be absorbed into the skin.

And there's Magnetight Age Defier by Dr Brandt. Released last summer, science-focused brand Dr Brandt's ‘'Magnetight Age Defier' mask remains one of the go-to products for beauty fans looking for a magnetic thrill. The mask contains iron magnetic particles to pull toxins from the skin and act as a 'force field' to fend off the signs of ageing. The brand claims that the electromagnetic interactions that are created when the mask is removed "enhance skin's ability to rejuvenate itself for a younger and more vibrant appearance."

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