Consumers prefer traditional chap sticks over punchy packaging

TricorBraun has released a study on consumer behavior in the lip balm category, finding that consumers gravitate towards traditional stick and modern jar formats.

EOS's ball packaging - Today

Brands like EOS, who package their lip balm in an eye-catching ball format, aren't surveying well with female consumers. Rather, consumers prefer the dimensions and size of a lip balm stick and the design and hygiene of a traditional lip balm jar, said report authors.

"With nearly three-quarters of consumer purchase decisions based on packaging, it's no longer enough to be noticed on the shelf; an understanding of consumer lifestyle and how it drives package functionality and aesthetics is critical to success," said Becky Donner, senior vice president of design and engineering at TricorBraun, in a statement.

"Our industrial design team fully understands that it's not enough to design a beautiful package. It must be useful, meaningful and relevant to consumers' lives.”

TricorBraun, a North American packaging provider for the personal care and cosmetics industries, compared four different packaging formats: the traditional chap stick tube, the jar, a modern jar (with innovative formats like EOS’s ball), and a soon-to-be-realised pop jar. Consumers immediately opted for the stick and the modern jar format, then the new pop jar format, and lastly, the traditional jar. Intuitiveness also ranked well with consumers

The stick was found to be the most popular option as it was simple and convenient, customers didn’t have to touch the product, making it more hygienic. However, customers commented on how easy chap sticks are to lose. 

The study also found that the lip balm industry will grow in the next three years, reaching $2 billion. 

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