Desmond & Dempsey experiential pop-up opens

Sleepwear brand Desmond & Dempsey opened its first ever pop-up store in London late last week with the unit, located at 7 Mercer Walk in Covent Garden, to stay open until June 11.

Desmond & Dempsey's new pop-up follows a Moroccan souk theme

The premium brand creates nightwear designed to evoke “the pure joy found on Sundays” with items that could also be worn outside included in the line-up, along with gifts such as candles and eye masks and special themed collections.

The business, which was founded by husband and wife, Joel Jeffery and Molly Goddard, is part of a wave of independents making a mark on niche sectors. And such retailers often prioritise experiences as much as product itself which is certainly the case with the new pop-up. It includes a range of ticketed activities including yoga, terrarium planting and life drawing, that have all been “curated to ignite the senses of Sundays.” 

In collaboration with its host partner, House of Killik Clapham, the Company said that the “retail space is part shop, part garden, part event space and part supper club” with food provided by neighbouring Le Bab on both weekends.

So, what do we actually get as far as the product offer is concerned? The new store showcases a curated selection of speciality goods, along with Desmond & Dempsey’s limited edition capsule Editions of 104, which is exclusive to the pop-up. The new Le Jardin collection is also available along with the label’s Originals range. The Le Jardin offer is very much to the fore in an environment that captures the sounds and colours of a Moroccan souk, designed by stylist Natalie Brim. 

Desmond & Dempsey founders Joel Jeffery and Molly Goddard

Goddard said of the pop-up: “The large unit works seamlessly with our Moroccan souk concept and provides ample space to hold all our product ranges and events. The pop-up isn’t just about the PJ’s, it’s about the mood and senses of a Sunday. While I was in Morocco, I fell in love with their craftsmanship and generosity. It made such an inspiring start to the day; we just want to give people that same experience and are delighted that we can do so in this unique spot in the heart of the West End.”

Simon Taylor, Property Director at landlord  The Mercers’ Company added: “Desmond & Dempsey’s pop-up venture creates a unique point of difference for Mercer Walk, offering something above and beyond a traditional retail experience.”

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