Etsy to expand presence in India

As the number of both Indian sellers and buyers on Etsy continues to increase, the business has announced that it has set up a dedicated India team to help with expansion in the country.

Etsy has announced that it has set up a dedicated India team - Etsy- Facebook

Etsy has set up a seller focused team in India with the aim of scouting new products and designers from urban and rural India to incorporate into the platform. At the head of the team is Himanshu Wardhan, Etsy’s India managing director. Wardhan will lead the team to tap into the country’s 500-million-strong user base as well as its rich network of artisans and craftspeople.

Warden has reported that there are around 650,000 product listings on Etsy from Indian sellers and that this has happened quite organically without any marketing campaigns or country presence. The main items sold by Indian sellers currently include clothing and accessories. The business hopes that a country specific team can help both the seller ad customer base to grow in the country.

Wardhan has not disclosed the number of Indian sellers on the platform but told Quartz Media that demand for Indian products is on the rise. For example, Warden reported that searches for Indian block prints have increased by 11 percent year on year and Indian textiles by 16 percent. Jewellery searches relating to India have also increased by 34 percent year on year.

The Indian government is promoting Indian made crafts as part of its “Make in India” campaign but is also working to impose regulations for example on handloom textiles and so Etsy appears to have chosen the right time in terms of demand but may face some regulatory hurdles.

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