FIT partners with My Size Inc. to bring smartphone measurement tech into its classrooms

New York's Fashion Institute of Technology has partnered with My Size Inc to introduce the company's measurement app tools into the university's fashion design program. 

FIT will use two of the company's measurement apps in its classrooms. - Via the Fashion Institute of Technology

FIT will begin using two My Size apps in its classrooms: Qsize, which allows users to digitally measure garments throughout the quality control process; and MySizeID, which measures body sizes and helps users build a sizing chart.

Students can use both of these apps on their smartphones to measure themselves, garments and models for easy size creation and identification. 

The apps will be introduced to students by the university's Chair of Technical Design, Professor Deborah Beard, along with representatives from My Size.

"These solutions will provide our students a hands-on opportunity to utilize technology that is making a difference within the apparel space today," said Steven Frumkin, the dean of Jay and Patter Baker School of Business and Technology at FIT. "These technologies will also enable us to reinforce solutions to several key issues in fashion today. Qsize will showcase sustainability...while MySizeID will teach the importance of a more inclusive apparel product and further highlight how the industry can improve to ensure a great experience for everyone."

The Fashion Institute of Technology, a public university and part of the State University of New York, offers curriculum in the fields of design, fashion, art, communications and business. Notable alumni include designers Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera and Ralph Rucci. 

Based in Israel, My Size Inc. develops measurement technology that uses algorithms to calculate and record measurements. Allowing users to identify clothing sizes in different brands, the company markets its tools to both consumers and retailers as a source for matching measurements to sizes. 

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