Fashioning Expo 67 opens at The McCord Museum

Fashioning Expo 67 opens at the McCord Museum in Montreal on Friday.
The exhibition running from March 17 to October 1, 2017 will highlight how Canada’s fashion scene thrived during Expo 67. Organized 50 years ago as part of Canada’s Centennial, this Universal and International Exposition received over 50 million visits and took place in Montreal.

Fashioning Expo 67 opens at Montreal's McCord Museum. - The McCord Museum
The exhibition Fashioning Expo 67 features over 60 outfits, including hostess uniforms from various pavilions and clothing by Quebec designers. Garment types such as hats, gloves, umbrellas, purses, jewellery, and even fur will be on display, as well as drawings, photographs, archival film footage, and video interviews that the Museum conducted with several designers from the era.
The different sections of the exhibition look at various fashion-related aspects of Expo 67, such as the distinct uniforms of the many hostesses working on site, the outfits worn by distinguished visitors and official guests, as well as the fashion events that marked the occasion like The Great Canadian Fashion Caper.
The exhibition marks the first time that Expo 67 has been viewed through the prism of fashion, an original concept developed by the Museum
"Expo 67 was a pivotal event in our history," said Suzanne Sauvage, the Museum's President and Chief Executive Officer, in a news statement.

"It had a major impact on Montreal architecture, urban planning, culture and society that continues to this day, and the field of fashion also had its moment in the sun. However, though Expo 67 left an indelible legacy, its spotlight on fashion has been all but forgotten. Drawing from the Museum's vast Costume and Textiles collection and to an extensive research on Expo by Cynthia Cooper, the exhibition illustrates the role of fashion during this period of history and the remarkable boost it gave to Quebec designers."
The McCord Museum is located at 690, Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal. 

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