Glossier launches e-stores in Sweden, Denmark; announces French e-shop for October

Glossier continues its international expansion drive. After launching e-stores for Canada, the UK and, a month ago, Ireland, the US cosmetics brand has done the same for Sweden and Denmark this week. The culmination of this round of European online launches will be next October, when Glossier’s French e-store will be inaugurated.

Cosmetics by Glossier - DR

“When we started to think about Glossier’s international expansion, we identified two priority markets: the UK [where the brand has based its European headquarters and logistics hub] and France. Indeed, on social media, French consumers constitute our largest community of followers outside the USA,” said a Glossier spokesperson.

The brand led by Emily Weiss was launched online in 2014, and managed to step up to a remarkable challenge, attracting consumers who, for the most part, are unable to test its products before buying. “Our success is explained above all by our open-ended approach. For example, to create our Milky Jelly skin cleanser, one of our best-sellers, we asked our community to describe their dream cleanser.”

In just over four months, French consumers will therefore be able to order Glossier products online: among them mascaras (from $16), foundations and body balms ($22) in the signature ‘Millennial pink’ packaging, which also greatly contributed to the brand’s success. To support the launch, Glossier also plans to stage one or two events in Paris.

The brand operates two physical stores, in New York and Los Angeles, and last February it raised $52 million in fresh capital from two of its long-standing investors. This will enable Glossier to bolster its product development efforts, and to continue to expand internationally, with Australia the next market in its sights.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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