Inspired doctor launches line of high fashion heels

Joan Oloff, a podiatric surgeon based in NY and CA, has launched a line of high heels designed to be as functional as they are fashionable.

Joan Oloff Shoes

Inspired by Victoria Beckham’s public statements that she no longer can wear her signature sky high stilettos, Dr. Oloff set to work to come up with a solution. In 2013, Oloff launched Joan Oloff Shoes. Two years later, she has perfected her patent-pending footwear designed to be “fashion with function.”

"Had Victoria Beckham known 15 years ago that her sky-high heels were causing long-term damage, would she have stopped wearing them?" asks Dr. Oloff. Probably not.

Rather than give her patients advice she knew they would not follow, such as stop wearing such high heels, Oloff worked out a design that would mesh fashion with her medical advice and experience.

The end product is an Italian leather high fashion luxury shoe that accommodates “the structure and function of the human foot and ankle, while still maintaining the delicate and beautiful lines of a high-heeled shoe.” The shoes are not just an extra padded sole.

The features of Oloff’s shoes “offload the pressure points in the ball of the foot, redistribute weight so that the entire foot shares the load of the body, support the arch and metatarsal bones, and include a shock absorbing material that will not fail over time.” The footwear industry, particularly the luxury footwear industry, has never used technology like this before.

"The ruining of women's feet by heels has been a dirty little secret in an industry designed primarily by men," says Dr. Oloff. "The secret is now being exposed thanks to celebrities like Victoria Beckham, and we need to show the world there is an opportunity for a solution.”

Oloff’s SS16 line is available in select retailers and online. Her AW16 line will be the final iteration of the patent-pending technology, issuing a rallying cry against the footwear industry. As Christian Louboutin famously said, "High heels are pleasure with pain.” Perhaps Joan Oloff Shoes will make that statement passe.

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