Labor conditions: Hugo Boss targeted by Clean Clothes Campaign

According to the NGO Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC), the Hugo Boss brand violates the labor rights of workers producing its collections in factories in Turkey and Croatia.
Union busting, intimidation, sexual harassment and lack of overtime regulation are at the heart of allegations by the CCC against the German brand. The organization also reported that the payroll of Turkish workers in 2013 (326 euros) was below the poverty threshold (401 euros) and far below a minimum living wage (890 euros).

A petition has now been launched to push Hugo Boss to clean up its act - a document in which the CCC describes its allegations against the German brand

"‘Made in Europe’ should mean that workers escape from poverty and do not have to be afraid to join a union," said Bettina Musiolek, spokesman for the CCC. "But on the contrary: ‘Made in Europe’ creates poverty and prevents people from exercising their political freedoms. Hugo Boss can and should step up to put an end to these gross violations. A real BOSS pays a living wage." 

Some 20% of Hugo Boss products are manufactured in factories directly owned by Hugo Boss. Its largest production site is located in Izmir, Turkey, and will be expanded in 2015, in particular to take over production previously conducted by a plant in Cleveland, which is supposed to be closed in the first half of the year. 

The CCC's position comes as Hugo Boss releases its 2014 results, lowering its targets for 2015, now aiming for a 5% sales increase from the 2.57 billion euros it generated in 2014. 

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