Mr. Porter launches SS17 Made in California campaign

Ecommerce platform Mr. Porter has launched a Made in California campaign featuring 145 exclusive pieces paying tribute to California style.

Photo: Amiri's Embellished Hand-Painted Vitellino Leather Biker Jacket

The campaign features capsule collections from 12 brands, 4 of which are brand new to the site. There is a heavy surf and skate lifestyle influence seen in the pieces.

Speaking on surf and skate focus, buying manager Sam Lobban said, "the surf/skate theme was super important, and I would agree that there’s definitely a surfy sort of element to it. It’s in the washed-out palette, the fabrication, and the slouchy, super-casual vibe."

Labels involved range from the classic Stüssy and James Perse, to San Francisco's vintage surf inspired Mollusk, to newer labels Amiri and Noon Goons.

The collection launch was celebrated with a party including In-N-Out burgers and churros, arguably part of iconic California surf culture.

As menswear trends to a more casual look, Lobban explained why California made such sense for Mr. Porter.

"Before [menswear] might’ve been a bit more buttoned-up, which lends itself more if you’re talking about East Coast style, because Northeastern style typically is a little bit more buttoned-up. When everything is leaning way more casual, it makes sense that you also lean towards the West Coast—because who does casual better?"

Mr. Porter's Made in California is now available on the site. Price points range from $35 Mollusk tees to the $14,900 handpainted and embellished leather biker jacket by Amiri.

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