MySize Inc.'s new app takes the guesswork out of choosing the right clothing size

MySize Inc.—the developer of cutting-edge measurement technology steered by copious patent-pending algorithms— has now launched the RealSize application at the Apple app store, with the goal of providing clothing retailers with the opportunity to reduce online returns due to size issues.  

MySize Inc. launches new measurement app to help reduce retailer returns. - MySize Inc.

After downloading the app, consumers are prompted to follow a series of instructions that involve measuring an existing, well-fitting piece of clothing from their closet. The calculations provided will ultimately aid the consumer in choosing the right size from another brand based on the sophisticated apparel measurement technology. "Online clothing shoppers now have the power to choose the right size garment every time, based on the measurements that they take with their TrueSize or associated white label product app," said Ms. Billy Pardo, Chief of Product at MySize Inc. in a company release.

Along with being an aid to an individual consumer who downloads TrueSize, the app can also be integrated into a retailer’s website for accurate e-commerce shopping and a greater potential to retain and grow both customers and sales. The RealSize app will launch on Spanish clothing retailer Trucco’s website and their brick-and-mortar stores in Spain in the near future with the expectation for growth in other regions.

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