NPD Group launches Trend Tracker for apparel trends

Global information company the NPD Group has launched Trend Tracker, a new microsite designed to help clients track and understand apparel trends. The NPD Group’s Trend Tracker provides access to data dashboards, insight reports, curated news, and industry analyst expertise, highlighting the sales performance of major fashion trends in the apparel industry.

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Trend Tracker provides a monthly summary of key trends from NPD’s Consumer Tracking Service, Retail Tracking Service (point-of-sale), and Checkout TrackingSM(receipt harvesting data), combined with perspective from NPD’s industry experts.

In addition to NPD’s information and insights, Trend Tracker clients will have a view into data from NPD’s strategic partner, Stylitics, who collects data directly from customers on the items in their closets to report on emerging brands, colour trends, top outfit pairings, celebrity influences, and much more.

Trend Tracker will also feature results from weekly online consumer polling questions driven by another NPD strategic partner, CivicScience.

“The fashion industry is rapidly changing, and consumer spending is impacted by a flurry of factors from consumer shopping behaviour and retail closures, to celebrity influencers and today’s macro trends,” said John Deputato, president of US Apparel, NPD.

“NPD’s Trend Tracker is a powerful tool for apparel manufacturers and retailers navigating the latest changes in fashion trends. The collection of information and insights is the comprehensive view necessary to identify opportunities and support the industry’s most critical business decisions,” Deputato added.

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