Nana Judy hosts its annual fashion and music party at Coachella

Australian street wear brand Nana Judy only throws four events a year, and fortunately for the music and fashion-loving crowd that flocks to the California desert each year, that includes an annual showing Coachella. The event is certainly one of the most anticipated at Coachella, and this year’s party was no exception.

Nana Judy

The 2017 Island Pool Party, hosted at Laguna Secca Estates, was a mix of fashion, celebrity and music. More than just a party however, the event showcased up and coming fashion brands like Sticks + Stones and Cabanna Anna Swimwear. It also included a look at Nana Judy’s current collection, titled The Future.
The popular brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary and showing no signs of slowing down. Glenn Coleman, the Melbourne label’s founder, says that as Nana Judy moves ahead it hopes to align itself with artists and others in the creative industry – which ought to be easy as attendees of its past Coachella parties have included the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Ruby Rose. 
Among those in attendance this year was legendary producer and street wear designer Russel Simmons. Coachella queen Rihanna attended the after party, which was hosted by P. Diddy and included a performance by Migos.

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