Olymp eyes US market for future expansion

Shirt manufacturer Olymp is moving forward with its plans to enter the US market. The German brand has recently signed a coexistence agreement with the United States Olympic Committee to continue using the name ‘Olymp’, in a move that opens the way for a potential US launch.

OLYMP/Greg Williams

Managing partner Mark Benzer told German newspaper Heilbronner Stimme that the company has no interest in rivalling the committee for the sale of Olympic apparel and merchandise.

However, the US launch is not part of Olymp’s plans for the foreseeable future, with a spokesperson saying the company “can’t give an exact date yet”. “It will take a long time” before preparations are complete, said the spokesperson.

Olymp has experienced remarkable growth, with annual turnover rising eleven times to 250 million euros since 1995. The number of employees has increased from 134 to more than 800, and the company has recently appointed two co-directors as a result of the expanded business.

Translated by Barbara Santamaria

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