Paul Smith in Pyrrha silver jewellery collaboration

Building on a 10-year retail relationship, UK label Paul Smith and Canadian jeweller Pyrrha have teamed up for a brand collaboration. 

Paul Smith/Pyrrha

The new Pyrrha x Paul Smith collection “is based on the whimsical imagery of the [British] brand’s crest,” which was designed by Sir Paul Smith in 2000.

"We have a deep appreciation for the quality of Paul Smith's work, and to collaborate with such a creative force in the industry was extremely rewarding for us," said Pyrrha designer, Wade Papin. "It was exciting to have the opportunity to apply Pyrrha's aesthetic to the original imagery. Paul always says that 'you can find inspiration in everything,' and we definitely subscribe to that philosophy.”

It’s an interesting link-up between the British-based global apparel and accessories giant and the small Vancouver-Based silver specialist, but it comes at at a time when brand collaborations are a major driver of jewellery sales in the premium sector. 

A jacket with six arms, a rabbit for good luck, and Smith's motto, 'Never Assume' are featured prominently in the capsule collection. Each piece is handcrafted in reclaimed sterling silver at the Pyrrha Studio in Vancouver, Canada.

The collection is on sale via the Paul Smith web store as well as at its stores in London, Hamburg, New York, LA and Las Vegas with prices starting at C$230.  

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