Renowned Kardashian makeup artist launching her own line of cosmetics

Known for maintaining the perfect pouts and pronounced cheekbones of the Kardashian clan, celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli has just announced she will be launching her own cosmetics line sometime this fall before the busy holiday season.

Famed Kardashian makeup artist is launching her own line of cosmetics this fall. - Twitter @KimKardashian

Similar to the product launch strategy executed by famed beauty blogger Michelle Phan for her Em makeup line, Bonelli said that she only plans to start with a few of her favorite, must-have items—one of which is a brow gel that she’s currently testing, according to NYMag.

While the makeup guru’s product line was teased last year, the production process was delayed due to an unsatisfactory experience with the initial lab summoned to produce the collection. The products are currently being manufactured and tested in a new facility in Milan, Italy. 

While this isn’t a direct Kardashian collaboration like the new KKW by Kylie Cosmetics collection of lipsticks, there’s no doubt Bonelli’s launch will be Kardashian-approved, much like the Ouai haircare line from the family’s stylist, Jen Atkin. 

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