Saturdays NYC to branch out into grooming

Saturdays NYC is launching its first foray into the grooming industry. Starting this Thursday, the New York City-based lifestyle brand will offer three different hair pomades.

Saturdays NYC's new grooming line - Saturdays NYC

"We have been working on this line for the last two years. It was a natural progression for Saturdays to venture into grooming, apothecary, body care, shaving and etc,” said Morgan Collett, co-founder of Saturdays NYC, in a press release, “This is only the beginning and we are excited to grow this range for both men and women.”
This first collection of products will include three different pomades, each retailing for $24: a wet wax, providing a high-gloss hold, a grooming cream, to provide texture and shine, and a clay pomade. Co-founders Colin Tunstall and Morgan Collett chose to release just three products for its initial grooming venture, choosing to focus on quality over quantity. All of the products are water or beeswax-based, petroleum free, and free of harsh synthetic fragrances.

The line will hit shelves at Saturdays NYC locations,, and select boutiques. The brand has also announced that it will launch a line of body care products this coming summer. 

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