The 1990’s fashion book “Champagne Supernovas”is being developed for television

If you're nostalgic for the glam of the fashion-packed 1990's: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and all the clubs, drugs, clothes and parties that went with them will hopefully be coming to a TV set near you soon. “Champagne Supernovas,” the 2014 non-fiction fashion chronicle of the 1990’s by Maureen Callahan, has been purchased by the Filmula company for a television series.

Callahan, a longtime fashion journalist for The New York Post, wrote the book which follows the journey of these fashion icons and more from obscurity to superstardom – all against the background of the dark glam of New York and London at the time. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the fast-paced fashion industry, but also the costs many lives endured - and the changes it had on pop culture at large. Some consider the 1990’s the heydey of fashion shows, diva designers supermodels, and utter hedonism.
Lin and The Storyhouse’s Ben Shields Catlin will executive produce, develop and finance the entertainment property. No word if they'll attempt a network show, or cable - but with this cast of characters, it sure seems ripe for HBO or Showtime. 
"Johnny and I are excited to bring this story to television," said Catlin, who is currently producing a feature for Netflix. "Our goal is to ultimately bring the true narrative of the iconic '90s New York fashion era that reinvented the industry to the audience."

In the meantime, we can start to play the game of speculating who could play Kate Moss? Marc Jacobs? Giselle? Anna Wintour? 

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