Tiffany & Co. launches the Tiffany Metro watch collection

The brand new Tiffany Metro watch collection for women is a synthesis of Tiffany’s fine jewelry history and clean modern design. Each watch features a unique round brilliant crown which is assigned an individual serial number, making each watch singular to the wearer. The clean lines are meant to reflect the energy of of the company’s hometown New York City, hence the “Metro” of the title. The jewelry company is calling this their “everyday diamond watch collection.”

The Tiffany Metro watch offers a range of dials, cases and straps combined with a  curving stainless steel bracelet. The idea is that it can be worn day or night – or both.
“Our horological history began in Geneva, Switzerland in 1847, and today we continue this tradition of craftsmanship by introducing the Tiffany Metro timepiece,” says said Nicola Andreatta, vice president and general manager of Tiffany & Co. Swiss Watches. “Its beauty lies in the superlative pedigree of Tiffany diamonds.” 

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