Top mobile kids app to launch Target collection of kid's apparel and accessories

Toca Boca has announced it will launch its first ever childrenswear apparel line exclusively through Target.

Toca Boca

Toca Boca is a top name in mobile apps for children. It features themes of inclusivity and diversity through a quirky design lens and playful stories.

The Target collection will feature kids apparel and accessories timed for a back to school launch. The collection will offer clothing in sizes 4 to 16, sleepwear, backpacks, lunch bags, bedding and activity books.

This collection marks the first foray into consumer products and apparel for Toca Boca. The brand licensed its imagery to several entities including FabNY, The Foundery, Franco Manufacturing and Random House Children's Books for the Target collection.

The brand negotiated retail space with Target so that the displays will be located between the boys and girls departments. The philosophy behind this merchandising strategy is that all children will feel included in the experience and that it will not be segregated by gender, unlike other successful Target children's brands such as Cat and Jack.

Mathilda Engman, Head of Consumer Products, Toca Boca said, "It's our mission to make sure no kid ever feels excluded by Toca Boca."

Toca Boca was founded in 2011. It has offices in San Francisco and Stockholm. It is owned by parent company Spin Master Corp. which is a company that produces toys, games and other kids entertainment products globally.

Toca Boca has released 38 apps in the past 6 years that focus on creative imaginative play for children. It has 170 million downloads in 215 countries which makes it the top mobile-first kid's brand in the App Store.

Toca Boca will launch at Target stores and online on July 17, 2017.

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