Touch of Modern taps Egon Smola as President and COO

Online men's shopping community Touch of Modern has tapped Egon Smola as President and Chief Operating Officer.

Egon Smola

The San Francisco-based e-commerce destination was started in 2012 and features over 10 million users with over 2 million orders since its inception.

"Touch of Modern is at a stage in our growth – which continues at a rate of 150 percent year-over-since since out start in 2012 – when it makes sense to bring in an established, proven operator with the diverse experience to steer us down any of the many promising growth paths we could take next," explains Touch of Modern CEO and co-founder Jerry Hum.

Smola most recently came from healthcare insurance brokerage entity GetInsured. He began his career in management consulting and has played key roles in deals with major companies including Vodafone, Yahoo!, Amazon and Dealix. He holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Smola spoke of his own use of Touch of Modern, saying "it's an even bigger bonus that I've truly become addicted to the company's app as a genuine customer – what could be more fun than getting involved with a company that delivers joy, surprise and delight on a regular basis."

He states his ops tasks to start with determining the right paths to pursue to make Touch of Modern the primary app for the male demographic to shop.

Smola is Touch of Modern's first COO as the role has been newly created.

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