Tradesy launches wardrobe management service off back of Fitz acquisition

Peer-to-peer marketplace for designer womenswear Tradesy announced on Tuesday that it has introduced Tradesy Closet Concierge, a professional stylist service built around the model developed by recently acquired Fitz.

Tradesy Founder and CEO Tracy DiNunzio with Fitz Co-Founder and CEO Alexandra Wilkis Wilson - PRNewswire
The new experience combines stylist-led wardrobe management with a consignment service which facilitates the sale of clients’ unwanted items. One of its most popular services is its 3-Hour Closet Curation which entails the complete reorganization of the client’s wardrobe by two highly vetted Closet Concierge stylists, who typically evaluate over 200 items.
During the appointments, stylists advise clients on which pieces to sell, donate or keep, while also providing shopping recommendations, which can also be delivered after the consultation via e-mail or text.
Offering one of the lowest commission tier structures in the industry, Tradesy Closet Concierge aims to help clients make the most from the items they resell, thereby encouraging their participation in a more sustainable model of fashion commerce.
“The team at Fitz built an experience that absolutely thrills customers”, explained Tradesy Founder and CEO Tracy DiNunzio in a release. “We've combined this top-tier experience with a new Tradesy consignment service that makes selling even easier. It's everything busy, stylish women need to fully manage their modern wardrobe.
“Tradesy is the ideal partner for Fitz. With Tradesy's robust technology, infrastructure and large fashion-savvy user base,” stated Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Fitz. “the service we built will now be positioned to scale dynamically across the country with Tradesy's millions of customers.”
Prior to its acquisition by Tradesy, Fitz operated in New York City where it quickly became a popular service.
Tradesy is the world’s largest peer-to-peer marketplace for luxury womenswear, offering reductions of up to 90% on top designer brands to its 6 million members across the US through its website and app. The company has raised $80 million in funding from investors including Richard Branson and Kleiner Perkins.
Tradesy Closet Concierge is currently only available in the New York City area, but the company has plans to expand it to the Tri-State area and Los Angeles by the end of the year. The aim is for the service to be available in all major US cities in 2019.

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