Vans officially enters athleisure market with new line of sneakers

Known for its skater-inspired footwear that has had a strong presence in the fashion scene for the past 51 years, Vans is jumping on the athleisure bandwagon with a new line UltraRange sneakers ($80) that cater to this popular and growing trend. The company nonchalantly teased the concept back in spring on their website via their exclusive Vault by Vans label, but the line is now officially being promoted as of recent. 

Vans enters the athleisure market with new line of sneakers - Vans

While Vans has remained relevant with new product launches like its recent Iso line and collaborations with fashion-forward designers like Marc Jacobs, moving into the athleisure sector is no doubt a smart move for the California-based company.

The somewhat silent spring UltraRange launch included partnerships with select Vault by Vans retailers—each was challenged to come up with their own campaign that personified their definition of adventure, exploration and discovery.

Athleisure may not be just a trend, but a shift in the way Americans are choosing to dress in general. The business casual/athletic wear hybrid is now becoming widely accepted in the workplace despite being made from sports-inspired materials like Lycra and spandex—it’s the combination of durability and versatility that consumers like from a business casual wardrobe. The numbers for this market continue to grow each year. While retail sales were flat in 2015, athleisure sales rose by 12 percent.

The new UltraRange of sneakers combine comfort and durability and feature a patented “LuxLiner” sock-fit construction designed to reduce weight and rubbing as well as an "UltraCrush" foam cushioning heel to toe insert for durability and comfort. Currently, the shoes are available in black/black, black/white, a maroon-like brown, frost gray and pearl—known in the industry as millennial pink.

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