Venn Skincare teams up with Asia Seed Co. to develop next generation skincare

San Francisco-based skincare brand Venn Skincare, Inc. announced this Tuesday that it has signed an MoU with South Korean vegetable research and development company Asia Seed Co., Ltd. to investigate new ingredients for personal care products.

Venn specializes in skincare products incorporating science and non-toxic ingredients - Venn Skincare, Inc.
Asia Seed Co. will work with Venn to research and develop functional hybrid vegetables and vegetable seeds that have been engineered to contain higher concentrations of more powerful skincare ingredients.
“Our R&D and brand positioning is based on bringing the most effective, safe and results-driven formulas to the marketplace”, stated Venn skincare CEO and founder Brian Oh in a release, “This partnership will allow for the development of skincare with greater potency that delivers visible and clinically-tested results.”
Kyoung Oh Ryu, President and Founder of Asia Seed, commented, “Asia Seed has been allocating 20% of its sales revenue towards R&D, and investing more than 5% into hybrids with extra health benefits. So, there can be more than tons of beneficial results through this partnership in terms of health, food, seed, agriculture, and life-style.”
Venn Skincare develops and produces skincare products with a focus on science, technology and non-toxic ingredients. Popular products include its Age-Reversing All-In-One Concentrate which exemplifies the brand's streamlined approach to personal care. 

Asia Seed Co. breeds high functional vegetables and vegetable seeds, exporting to more than 40 countries.

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