Walmart uses facial recognition technology to spot disgruntled customers

In an effort to keep up—or stay ahead—of competition like Amazon and Target, Walmart is implementing a patented video surveillance software that can identify unhappy shoppers.

Walmart to incorporate facial recognition technology to gauge customer satisfaction. - REUTERS

According to the patent Walmart filed for the software, it’s easier to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones via advertising, and that poor customer service is often the root of losing loyal shoppers. With that in mind, if the system identifies a troubled shopper, it will notify employees around the store so that they can immediately assist customers with questions and concerns about a product, or to assist with long check-out lines.

Customer service aside, the software will also be used to analyze accumulative customer purchase behavior  - how much they are spending and on what items - and facial expressions via facial recognition technology.

Walmart unsuccessfully tried to incorporate facial recognition into an undisclosed number of stores back in 2015 with the hopes of detecting shoplifters, but eventually aborted the effort.

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