Lanvin - Fashion show Fall / Winter 2013/14 (with itw)

At Lanvin, the shirt is in the centre of the collection, often worn over a polo neck and accessorised with a thin tie. Lucas Ossendrijver, under the direction of Alber Elbaz, has re-worked on all the classics of the male wardrobe : the parka, the two-button suit, the double-breasted suit and the sweat-shirt, developing traditional materials into new proportions. Oversized or shortened silhouettes emerged as new and modern. The technical researches are put forward, with bonded leather on jackets and coats and even on the scarves which appear into the collars on eveningwear suits.

Interview :
Lucas Ossendrijver :
We have taken the classics like the basics, the t-shirt, the suit and the parkas and we have tried to transform them. As an example, we've made the t-shirt out of an English fabric made of checks, which is already a classic, and even the checks have been bonded with jersey and it's become a sweat-shirt. We have used lots of techniques on the leather, for example, there are leather jackets which are fully bonded.
The story that we've tried to create happens by technique : we start off with the material and then we see how we can transform it into clothing and make it new, and little by little, a story creates itself.

Alber Elbaz :When we start to see the pieces, we realise that all the masculine codes which are of classicism revisited, I always say that it wasn't yesterday's fashion, it's not tomorrow's either, it's the fashion of today, that's fashion, this is the definition of it.

Music from the fashion show

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