Léonard - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

For the second season, Italian designer Raffaele Borriello gives his vision of the Léonard woman, who in his eyes has become sexy, confident and loves to party. So, many proposals of figure-hugging dresses, rather structured by shoulder effects, v-necklines and jackets and tops that are belted. All designs deriving from the archives of the house and date back to the 60s, are prints on silk jersey and mixed with other materials like woolen fishnet or black leather. A way to modernize them and make them more rock'n'roll. All the black ensembles were introduced to calm the game and start a new page in the history of this house.

Music from fashion show

Raffaele Borriello : What's extraordinary about this house, is that the house has kept its heritage that has existed for 50 years, so even small trials with artists that Mr. Tribouillard met in the 60s or early 70s, had asked to design an idea, everything was placed in the archives.

What I think is right for the house is to mix a lot of materials and I found that the prints are often so beautiful, but they're so strong that they can kill the silhouette, we no longer see the silhouette, so my idea is to mix and inscribe prints with black jersey, or plain parts by highlighting prints with piping, in order to frame them and give them more strength.

I like silhouettes that are quite skinny but highlighted by shoulder pads that give an elegant look to the pieces, it's true that I often create figure-hugging clothes with emphasis on the waist, and low necklines that really underline the allure of a woman.

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