Dior Homme-Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Paris (with ITW)

A maze of multiplying mirrors create a sense of infinity silhouette at Dior Homme. Inspired by the Art Deco of Miami, while adding his ideas of patchwork,of sportswear and of an elegance mixed with an urban style, Kris Van Assche, creative director of Dior Homme, unveils a new collection which is both graphic and sensual. Pretty boys with slicked back hair parade down the catwalk in ensembles and short-suits in dark colours, with many versions of the sleeve-less jacket. Polos, oversized jackets and summer peacoats are made from silky or waxed leather in tones of burgundy or steel blue, whilst the new city shoe bring the comfort of trainers.

Kris Van Assche :
The idea is to really create a rigourous collection, but with a lot of variation, a lot of form, a lot of choice. Luxury is also there:of having choice, and it’s also a challenge for me to be rigourous with this multitude of possibilities, that’s why there are a ot of colours, a lot of different forms.
It’s an interchangeable collection and that’s what the décor does; there are reflections in mirrors where you can see the legs of a boy but the body of another. That’s what really symbolizes this idea, where there are choices of infinity.
Karl Lagerfeld :
The silhouette is really the silhouette of Kris Van Asshe and Dior Homme, it’s that that I like. Anyway, for me, Italian style isn’t for me at all, I see that as a client does. I’m not a Fashion Editor, I see what I can put in and there are a lot of things so it’s okay.
Gad Elmaleh :
I found the décor very beautiful, very inventive and a bit mad. The mirror, the maze, the folie, it’s good. It’s at the same time urban, outside, house-garage, on season, in mid-fashion et next year especially, he’s going to have to make them wear shorts , the guys.

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