Burberry Prorsum- Collection Spring/Summer 2015 London

Under a huge marquee in Kensington Park, Burberry Prorsum always puts on a huge show. With the sound of James Bay ringing out, outlines of the models came forward, featuring slightly flared denim jackets and cropped jackets as well as dresses that were light and see-through in tulle or chiffon. The colours were strong with a gradient giving a new dimension, as well as the positive words featured on the trench coats, all contributing to a more urban collection than what we usually see. Christopher Bailey:I wanted with the silhouette to have this play and contradiction; so you have these very extreme and very waisted, I call them a ‘wasp waist’ but then with something very diaphanous where it had no silhouette at all like the tulle and the sequins. Throughout the whole show it was about these contradictions of something very strong… with something very fragile, I wanted again this contradiction between something very authentic, rugged fabric like gabardine or like denim and then play with it very fragile fabrics like tulle and silk and really the handcraft comes through not only in the dresses but also in the prints and the colour and that was a very important part of the messaging of the show.I wanted it to be playful and I wanted it to be joyous, so that came through in the colour and the print, in the music and also the environment.Suki Waterhouse:The best people, the best clothes, the best brand in Britain, the best show I could ask to walk for, it’s kind of in itself.Music from the show

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