Giambattista Valli - Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris with interview

Giambattista Valli invites us for a bucolic stroll and a meeting between two worlds and two women: Mademoiselle Chanel and Janis Joplin. Ensuing from the catwalk, the longline silhouettes with superpositions of dresses and trousers, light and floaty gowns with frills, ruffs and short flared dresses. The floral embroideries are refreshing and the fluro colours bring a modernity to the dresses in guipure and to the thousands of tulle leaves. To note: the veil that covers with delicacy the gaze of these girls in flowers.Interview: Giambattista Valli: My idea was that I love the young women with a very independent vision with a very independent style, very personal, very strong, triviality is not in my vocabulary, and sometimes neither is my limit, but it’s also about my style, and I love the oppositions but it’s still lovely to find a balance between the opposites and there is Mademoiselle Coco – the Parisian and on the other side, Janis Joplin, really the spontaneity, hippy, free, in the spirit and by actions.I imagined this walk in the Tuileries Gardens where two can meet, and talk together, and mixing the universe of these young girls, and these young women, who are talking with each other, exchanging thoughts, thinking about one another, and this universe is mixing more and more.The colours are a bit psychedelic, acid, and then faded as if over time, by the sun, from these walks, they become faded and this becomes fluro but faded. Music from the show

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions

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