Giambattista Valli- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Paris (with itw)

Freshness, spontaneity and romance at Giambattista Valli. Shortness is in the spotlight, with trapeze skirts and dresses in floral prints, with couture details like the additions brocade, embroideries and sequins. The cuts ripple on the edges of a tunic or a sleeveless jacket, black pockets and studs settle on some pieces, blouses and dresses appear with an embellished shirt front of sculpted jewellery. Then long fluidity takes the lime light through airy dresses in shimmering colours, masterful. An ode to summer and a love declaration, that the designer makes every season, to women. Please note: the climbing roman sandals and stilettos in silvery heels and soles, twinkling in every movement.Interview from: Giambattista ValliYou have lots of details for each different woman, one detail maters more than one other depending on the woman, so it really is to keep intact the freshness of independence, the beauty of a woman. In fact you're beautiful because you're unique, you're different and you are true to yourself. And that is beauty and that is also the spirit of the collection which may seem a little imperfect. I loved that idea of giving lightness because sometimes flat shoes can make the silhouettes a bit heavy so this touch of sparkles lifts her from the ground.There was a lot of shortness because I like the idea of these two extremes, there was shortness with flat shoes, a pretty cool figure for a woman who loves art crafts as well as knowledge and culture. The other side there are long, extremely long, fluid, comfortable dresses, almost like night dress, almost something neglected that you wear at home.Music of the show

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