Model to follow: Damaris Goddrie the new designers’ crush

Her boundless energy, her personality and her short hair makes Damaris Goddrie the new designers’ crush.Interview from Damaris Goddrie:I look like this, this is my hair, I look like this, so it is kind of different and I am mixed raced. My mum is Columbian and Ecuadorian blood wise and my dad is Dutch and I was born and raised in Holland so I am a very Dutch girl.I always try to be very me so I think people are accepting of that in a sense I think they like it that I am me and I not trying to be someone else.I myself am really into metal so I really like the punk and the gothic sense of styling as well and I love Japan so I always throw a little bit of a Japanese influence in, I love cute socks and I love ribbons as well but when I am a model I dress very basic so nobody really sees that you know but in my free time I am a whole different person. I basically just want to be sein I just want to reflect upon life and reflect upon the decisions I made in life and I want to paint, write, draw I want to do everything artistic and creative in a sense that people can never do because they are always in a hurry, at such a fast fucking pace. Today we work until 65 from 5-9 I have one little chance to break free from society and I am going to grab it of course, so maybe maybe it works, right? My family is very proud, very very proud, my mum is very much into fashion I am not but my mum she loves fashion so she is absolutely so excited, so proud and she brags about me she says ‘my child, she’s a model and I love her, she walked for my favorite brand, she worked for Michael Kors Oh my god! It is nice to see her happy. My dad is the same as well he is my biggest fan, every magazine that comes out, if I don’t buy it they will buy it. I have back at home masses of magazines just because there is one picture inside or four or five, they don’t mind they love it! Music free of right : Bandit & Nikit

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