Francesco Scognamiglio - Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

Designer: Francesco ScognamiglioInspiration: Italy, with both its romantic and baroque sides, the heat of Naples, the native town of the designer, with a nod to Paris, the stronghold of couture, for the first haute couture fashion show, put on in a particular hotel in the 7th arondissement Silhouette : futuristic creatures or erotic romances… the two coming together at once in his sensual dresses, playing with covering the body in totally transparent clothing, with zips along the back, feathers forming wings, like jeweled accessories attached to the neck. Focus on: 300000 Swarovski crystals used to strew across the dresses, embroidered flowers, re-worked into powdery tones. To note: the bride and the couture veils placed over the face. Interview of Francesco Scognamiglio : It was a big dream and a big honour to be invited here by the Chambre syndicale de la couture here in Paris, I think for a designer that’s the biggest goal, and today, in such a short time I will try and introduce myself as best as I can, doing my first couture in Paris.My woman is romantic, my woman is very sensitive, she is erotic, she is dramatic, it’s all I will show today in these 19 masterpieces , I made it one by one, they are all unique, there are no copies. A lot of designers do many copies, but here I just have one each. You need to have a bride, it’s couture, I mean it’s a tradition to have a wedding dress at the end. We are not trying to pretend to be modern and not to have a wedding dress because we think all the other colleagues only sell wedding dresses, I think it’s nice to show tradition and to show to the world what we can do. Music from the fashion show/ not to be reused from 7 days after the show

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