Les étoiles du sport : fashion & sport shine on the slopes !

For a week in La Plagne, the big sporting champions of today are celebrated, sponsored and surrounded with kindness by champions of tomorrow, with a mission to share their experiences around meetings and exchanges. A 15th edition full of promise and emotion, where fashion and sport shines on the slopes! With a statement: the image of today’s athletes is global !Interviews : Benoît EyckenIt’s a concept as old as the world, the mentoring, the transmission of experience, it is a real shame when you reach the highest level and don’t shine in order to illuminate someone else’s path or inspire a young person and thus transmit their experience in this light.Sébastien FoucrasToday each athlete is its own brand and then can bring a tone, and an editorial line to become a ‘youtuber’ so there’s no need to wait to communicate anymore, so the arrival of the digital is great but you also have to be careful not to do everything and anything!Marie-José PerecThe Etoiles du Sport, is simply all what older people didn’t have, which is people who explain stuff to us when we are young, like what you will discover and how things will actually will happen.I think that they have an amazing chance today with all the social networks, they make little films, it’s just great, we say crap, we missed itYouri DjorkaeffThe athlete also understood that his image is important and that it’s also an ambassador and in order to attract people it takes results, of course, but after it must also inspire dreams, it also requires partners who accompany you, it must also touch the public.Claudia RieglerThe athletes of today are really attracting attention to their look like for example, skiing, look at Lindsey Vonn, the star of skiing, but now also with the young like Mikaela Shiffrin, Lara Gut, they attract a lot of attention through social networks and all of that, I think that images are now the most important things and it’s immediate, we can’t Photoshop all the time and I think that this makes a big different. There is a lot more attention on products, in terms of elegance, performance comfort and all the details, I think that before it was just the product which did its job, but now it’s a lot more complex. Music free of right : Bandit & Nikit

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