Ski Trend : Fusalp, a French elegance (with interview)

Skiing inspires the fashion universe. The brands surf on this trend and some are even making a comeback. This is the case for the French label Fusalp, founded by a family of tailors in the 50s; for 2 years it has re-imposed itself as a brand whose elegance is now admired off the slopes.A logo, a story, a style and the strong codes but equally the innovative technical materials servicing high level athletes. 50 years later, after having accompanied the performances of the Goistschel sisters or of Jean-Claude Killy, Fusalp became an official equipment supplier for the Monacan ski team.Fusalp other strength is consulting with professionals and former ski champions, breathing life into their experiences to develop high-performance products.Interview with Claudia Dénériaz-Riegler : The fundamentals of Fusalp is truly its unique silhouette, French elegance, and the combination of performance with comfort, but without sacrificing the cut and style. Since its creation in 1952, Fusalp has truly revolutionized the world of ski with very technical fabrics, tight cuts, and the competitive spirit with the ski pants, which are still the label’s most iconic product.It will be 2 years ago that Sophie and Philip Lacoste bought the brand and I think that Sophie and Philip, also avid skiers, have a lot of experience in fashion, sport, they have a lot of passion and they respect the origins of the brand and they did a tremendous job with the whole team in being able to really revitalize this beautiful brand. It’s really important to be well equipped, I think that through our experience we can pass on even 2/3 little details which can help to develop the perfect product. That’s the small difference when you are athletes, when you are well equipped, it gives you wings.Music free of right : Bandit & Nikit

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