Etro - Women's & Men's Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection in Milan (with interview)

Designer : Veronica EtroDecor: A catwalk covered with a violet carpet and garlands with fabrics flags floating above the headsTitle of the collection: “Etro Paisley Tribe”Collection: Explosion of colours and paisley prints mixed with leopard and mandala motifs.The inspiration comes from mountains, just as well as the Himalayas and from a former trip to Mexico that the designer made.Silhouette : fluid, pleated dresses, quilted coats with enveloping volumes belted like kimonos, jackets embroidered with dragons on the back, trousers gathered on the leg, comfortable coloured puffer jackets, or short blousons being presented at high speed. Jacquards, brocades and ribbons mixed up with positivity.Veronica Etro mixes more worlds and influences for an energetic and respectable psychedelic fashion. To note : the fur boots which knots at the ankle. Interview with Veronica Etro : Actually everything started from a trip I did in Mexico and India a long time ago in. And I found myself in a crowd of people that were celebrating something and it was bewitching to see the colours the decorations the costumes the perfumes and everything so I imagined this woman to be on the peak of the mountain in the altitude and he plays with the patterns so you see a lot of paisleys mandalas and a lot of Thai fabrics and also a lot of shapes that I borrowed from sportswear like a lot of puffer jackets, a lot of corduroy or even giant parkas in tweed, but they melt and I was also into customization as well. There is a lot of flowers, dragons and geometries that fly across the pieces in the form of patches in the form of pins with also sometimes slogans, messages, but also decorative things, so the way she’s playing with garments, so I call it like we are creating a new tribe. Music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)

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