Icosae Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 (with interview)

Designers: Florentin & Valentin GlémarecAtmosphere: The famous ‘Faust’ club located below the Pont Alexandre III. The story: a group of friends get ready to go out at sunset in the streets of L.A.Collection: Suits comprising short or long jackets.The details of rivets, embroideries, and zips studied on each garmentDenim as a whole look, raw or acid-washed.Focus on: Summer pink, found on silk shirts and short jackets.The word “Icosae” translated in numerology is found in each detail, giving form to the check-print of the suits, the collars, and even make-up.To note: A painting by the designer, Valentin, as a silkscreen print on the jackets and coats.A nod to Shakespeare by use of “Le Fou. L’Amant. Le Poète” on T-Shirts.Interview Valentin Glémarec :We worked with every aspect of the suit, it’s one of the most difficult types of product to put into effect, but it’s what we prefer to make, and afterwards, we take inspiration from tailoring. For example, we will see a perfecto with breast-plates inside, and work it into a suit construction. We have even constructed the parka, which is a sportswear piece, into a tailored style. We worked with the cuts, even this season we’re still perfecting them, but yes, it’s the high quality of embellishing clothes that interests us. Then, we have some brand detailing on the clothing. There are 2500 rivets on it but this is a detail, this is hidden branding, all the metal is very important to us this season.We have placed tattoos with numbers, meaning Icosae in numerology. If one were to take the A as a 0. We don’t want to mark Icosae in huge leters on the clothing, we prefer to find it in the details.The collection was based on quite a relaxing theme, you could even say soothing, it’s a summer evening in LA, we asked ourselves what the best time of day was, and for us, it was the evening with pink skies, sometimes blue as well. These are the colours that we can see in the finished collection.Each season we all agree and then we make paintings, which will be the ‘print’ of the season. That’s the artistic side of the brand. I studied art for 10 years at the Louvre, so because I can paint, we use that in order to make the prints.Music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)

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