Wild beauty according to Peter Philips

A few hours before the Dior Haute Couture show, Peter Philips, director of creation and images at Dior, delivers his advice for daring with a wild beauty this summer.Interview Peter Philips: It’s almost easier to give yourself a golden look than to go for a natural beauty which appears natural, which is really an illusion of natural beauty.I used a very simple blusher stick which is a little bit faded on the cheeks, and a hint of brightness on the eyes with the ‘metalizer’.To create a kind of wild, statement brow, you don’t have to start from the inner corner. You should leave the innermost part of the brows natural, and afterwards you fill them in leaving a few gaps, there is a transparency and I also change the shape a little bit too, I leave a little here, I do it a little higher up there and I fill it in. After that, I used the ‘bold brow’ which is a new product, it’s really good for a natural effect. It’s a tinted gel. I then do a little zigzag on the brows to create a look which is slightly bolder, wilder.On the street, in everyday life, it’s above all this manner, this trend, this idea of self-expression which is really a sign of the times. Makeup has always been a way of rebelling, but it’s not only a method of highlighting beauty, it’s also a method of sending a message, of being rebellious, sensual, like a femme fatale. A way of expressing yourself that can be emphasised using makeup.Music free of right : Bandit & Nikit

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