The ideal summer according to Jade Jagger, artist - jeweller

Jade Jagger responds to our questionnaire about the ideal summer, concerning fashion, one-pieces, and sparkling jewellery.Interview Jade Jagger: I mean, I think that when it gets really hot, it’s nice to have something long, something loose and fluid. I mean, I like to wear a bathing suit a lot so, you know, I’m always ready to jump in the sea. I think that jewellery looks beautiful in the summer because the sun just gives it that extra special sparkle. You know, sometimes, maybe, you look overdressed but I think in the summer you can really go crazy.One-piece.Flip-flops; I never really like to wear shoes at all.Sea.Watch TV. That’s what iPads are for.Hiking.House.Hat or cap? I don’t really wear hats or caps.Music free of right : Bandit & Nikit

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