Presentation Alice+Olivia- Women's collection spring/summer 2018 in New York (with interview)

CEO and artisitc director: Stacey BendetAtmosphere: The designer invited artists to each create a room representative of the famous Chelsea hotel in New York which was frequented by so many characters. The models then posed in each ‘painting’ which depicted a bathroom, a bedroom, a piano room… Collection: Feminine and summery. The American label Alice&Olivia is known for its original prints and patterns, proposing a new romantic version for next summer with many floral dresses. Pop spirit isn’t far away wit vibrantly coloured cocktail dresses. The bra and cropped top are favourites with loose and short trousers. To note: many bags and clutches notably full of humor with catchy slogans. ITW with Stacey Bendet:I decided I wanted to create a show based around the Chelsea hotel and all the iconic characters that lived there. So for the fashion show I decided to take each room of the hotel and have a different artist pretend that they were living there today and design what their room would look like there, and the clothes all tie back to it. So with each artist I worked with, I worked with an element of their artwork to bring it into the collection. I wanted the clothes to have this, what I call, artistic optimism. I feeling like fashion today is so much about messaging. We all have a voice, with social media we have all these ways to connect with our followers, our customers, and to inspire them. I wanted this collection to be both optimistic and inspiring. I always use flowers in my line because I think that they’re uplifting. I think whenever you see flowers in a room, they make you smile so every delivery I do has a floral mix. Music free of rights : Bandit & Nikit

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