Faustine Steinmetz Show- Women's collection Spring/Summer 2018 in London (with interview)

Designer: Faustine SteinmetzAtmosphere: The first show for the French designer who normally shows her collection in the form of a presentation. For the occasion, the collection is composed of ten iconic pieces ( Burberry trench, jeans, a silk scarf, tee shirt and a white shirt) that are reworked from the base. We could say that it’s a work on the foundations more than the shape. Collection: Faustine strips the material down to the thread, letting it hang, or reworking it to recreate a piece of clothing. All is deconstructed and torn to shreds to become a new piece. Her DNA can be seen through repainted denim, creating a visual effect, unexpectedly flexible and wearable. To note: The famous Fendi Baguette handbag is revisited with the initials of the designer. Faustine Steinmetz : It’s my first show, so I really wanted to show what the brand means. I took ten iconic pieces that everyone has or hasn’t had in their wardrobe, but really well known and familiar pieces, then I completely recreated the textile. I wanted to create almost a discomfort or a humor between creativity and normality. When you’re a designer, you’re creative but at the same time you have to always pay attention to the limits of clothing which are different from other visual arts. What I wanted to do, was to really work on repetition and recognition. I find that really inspiring from a technical point of view as well as textile because inevitably with the Burberry trench, we have graphics, a colour, a familiarity and as soon as we start to play with that, it’s interesting. I’m interested in playing with the codes of clothes. Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)

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